Craig has extensive background experience as a stunt performer, technician and coordinator. He has spent 17 years dedicated to perfecting his art, working on both local and international projects ranging from the sets of Hercules and Xena, Lord of the Rings, Spartacus, Underworld to Power Rangers

Drawing on his experience and those that he has worked with over the years, Craig’s focus as a Stunt and Fight  Coordinator is to create and design action sequences which translate well to the camera, delivering an exciting action experience for the audience. He is committed to creating an exciting on-screen experience for watchers, whilst ensuring safety is not compromised, and that you get value for your money.  His experience with martial arts and weaponry allows Craig to bring a diverse range of fighting styles to life on screen in his own unique way. Craig works with a team of experienced and international stunt performers, and modern industry techniques and equipment, to deliver you style, substance and value.