Delivering Action With Actors

Though stunt performers are key to any action sequence, a equally important part of the process is ensuring actors remain involved. Part of my as Fight Coordinator is to ensure your actors are provided with the skills and confidence to play an active part in the sequence where necessary, in a safe and controlled environment.


Having your actors and actresses in shape and camera ready is an area we take very seriously. We only use the best in the industry to facilitate training requirements. We want to make sure your actors are ‘fight ready’, taking them through the necessary progressive training required to get them ‘up to speed’ performance wise. We also employ the body transformation training services of celebrity trainer Tyrone Bell. Tyrone specialises in getting actors and actresses body compositions exactly where they need to be inline with how the actor and production wish the specific character needs to be. Tyrone’s training and nutritional approach is renowned for carefully taking into account the taxing work load of fast turn around film and TV  production, injury prevention from an action performance point of view and of course still delivering impressive body transformations.

Please contact us to discuss training package requirements you may need to have for your production.