Stunt Coordinator

Our Coordinators possess the industry experience, qualifications and skills to help you with your project from the pre-production stage right through to completion.

Our job is to help deliver your vision to the big screen whether you are a first time director on a local production or large scale producer overseas. With experience in over 200 productions between us, our coordinators will assist you to safely achieve your goals to the best possible standard!

Fight Choreography / Weapons training

Whether you are looking for high action brawl or a complex martial art fight sequence, we can deliver the right people with the right skill set to meet your production needs. Our people have vast experience in Oriental and European weaponry (including swords and spears) and can apply their own experience to train your key cast members so they can bring realistic action to screen confidently and safely.

Stunt Rigging and Rig Design

Our team has performed hundreds of rigs including air ratchets & flying rigs to jerk backs. We have vast amount of experience in the ‘Hong Kong’ style. We also have Special mountaineer riggers for alpine work.

Our stunt riggers are experienced, seasoned and educated professionals. We combine cutting edge technology with extensive knowledge and experience to provide simple and complex rigs. We have access to a full range of equipment including air ratchets, flying rigs, stunt mats, harnesses to enable us to provide rigging to meet your requirements.

Stunt Performers

Here at Onset Stunts we believe in providing you with the best skilled performers for your production. Whether they are sourced locally or from around the world, our performers will give your project the winning edge with the skills and professionalism they bring to the table. We specialize in fighting stunts but offer a number of skill sets including martial arts, gymnastics, precision driving, work in prosthetics, high falls, fire burns, and horse riding. We believe that you deserve the best in the business so it is our duty to provide you with the best!

Precision Drivers

High speed car chases, car rolls, crashes and two wheel diving– Our experienced and skilled vehicle handlers can help you deliver all this and more so that you can bring the action to life on screen With over 200 credits to his name, our senior driver brings with him over thirty years’ experience in the stunt industry, working as a stuntman, stunt coordinator, and second unit director. A pro from both the film stunt industry, and live show arenas, he has led stunt precision driving teams throughout Australia, Asia, and North America.